When Obstacles Arise

When Obstacles Arise

I was looking through my stats and I came across a search term I found interesting.

what does “when obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.” mean?

There are ways around obstacles

That hit me in a kind of odd way. I sat and thought about it what does this quote mean? 

It ties very nicely in with failure and Look out for Potholes – Ep 9, Many times a person can and will set a goal. When they start down that path to achieve this goal they will meet resistance. This resistance is a normal event that helps you be strong enough to actually reach your goal the harder the goal is to attain the greater the resistance and the more that you have to work to achieve that goal.

You also have a decision, when the resistance starts to ramp up its difficulty you can also decide that it is too challenging and give up or “Change your decision” to peruse your goal. This is the true form of failure. Many people want to call the resistance, or the learning opportunities as failure. This is not true. You are learning that one path is not the best path to see your goal. You, there for learn that there is more than one way to de-fur a feline and you are able to go on path that is better. 

So, you want to change directions, that way you can skirt that obstacle or resistance and truly achieve the success you first set your eyes on. You will be better off and the sweet air of success will be more welcomed. You will also be better prepared for that success. 

So, when an obstacle enters your path you should change your direction because if you change your decision to achieve your goal then you will of truly failed and not realized your full potential.


The quote “When obstacles arise, you you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decission to get there” was first said by the great Zig Zigler. I should of known he said that such a great quote

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