Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Every journey starts with a single step, and they are little steps. They become walking. Then it turns into running. Yet the trick is to go slow.


I am Bryan. I am a dad to 3 kids. One is out of the house. One wants to be out of the house, and one is still enjoying her life. I have been married for 16 consecutive years to the same woman. Yeah, unbelievable, I know but it is possible in today’s day and age. I am also about to turn 40 years old.

That is when I realized that I am hitting middle age, and I am no where close to being where I wanted to be at this point of my life. So, what do I do? I this day and age? I podcast and blog about it! 

I found myself looking at my life several days ago and I realized I was off track in may points in my life. Not that I am unhappy about where life has taken me, ’cause that is not the case I love my family and I find we have had many great days months and years together. There are points that need to be reshaped. I found that I had some short coming in myself that need to be fixed.

To lay it out plainly. I have lost myself. 

I don’t find myself being my sons Superman, nor My daughter’s tea guest. I may still be My wife’s Knight in shining armor, but when was the last time I really cranked up the mushy factor for her? She wants to dance and I don’t know how. I have not bother to get out of my comfort zone to show her a good time

So… I am going to go find the fun-loving, all around positive twenty year old I knew long time ago. I wanna leave the cranky old grump in his rocking chair on the porch and laugh like a loon in public. I have started reading self-help books and I know that I can apply these and I plan on it. As books are uncovered I will share them with you, and let you know their high points and their parts that I really don’t agree with.

So listen to the show and read the posts and follow a  man who is in search of the fountain of youth and can he learn how to set a goal and achieve it?

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