Beauty in an unexpected place

Beauty in an unexpected place

Woke today to the surprise that I didn’t get unloaded. As I climbed out of my truck to see if I was on the same planet, I saw something a person from the Texas panhandle rarely ever glimpses in July. I was amazed to see a pasture of green. Wow, there before me is a rolling sea of green spilling off over the walls of the valley. Wild flowers splash the fifty shades of green with yellows, reds and purples. Such an awe inspiring view that I was not expecting to see. God blessed me with the opportunity of  seeing this scene on such a pleasant morning.

The scene was such that I sat and admired it for a while and see if a guy could actually name all different colors of green and I was able to get green, dark green,  very dark green, light green, very light green, and the such. I now understand why painters paint the pictures they do. The scene they see, is truly so inspiring that the muses tickle their fingers, in a way, that they have to capture that image and share it to the rest of the world.

I am no painter but I did want to share…Scene of A green valley in the panhandle of Texas.




















[otr_map lat=”35.910129″ lng=”-100.851677″ zoom=”9″ width=”300px” height=”200px” markers=”yes” animate=”yes”]

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