Being George Washington – Book Review

Being George Washington – Book Review

Title: Being George Washington
Author: Glenn Beck
Pages: 287
Reading Time: November 05, 2012 to January 08, 2013

Yeah Im not the fastest reader around and I read in fits and starts but I wanted to share what I am reading and what I learn from each book I read while on this journey. 

Why This book?

Been a fan of Glenn Becks radio show for quite some time so when he releases a book I normally like to have a copy to read. But this book struck me as a self-help book that might be different from the rest, and it was.  

What was I wanting to gain From this book?

I wanted to find out the character of a man of honor and humility. What were some of the defining moments of Washington’s life that is typically not known. 

Did the book accomplish this goal?

Yes it did accomplish this, and did so quite well. Found out that Washington was doubly betrayed by Benedict Arnold. One because Washington put his trust in to this man and he was betrayed when Arnold betrayed The Continental Army. The hurt that Washington felt was crushing, yet Washington kept his faith in God and his purpose and pressed on. He didn’t let that experiance “damage” him. Didn’t allow that to close off and not let anyone else in. He accepted the bitter pill that his friend had turned and pressed on. 

What did I learn from this book?

The key points pulled from this book is honor and civility will still carry you far but when you mix in providence you are unstoppable. Also you want to know and understand duty. Know what you duty is and answer it every time it calls. Duty can be called many different things from purpose to a calling. Many people hear it and then do not react.

Did this book help direct me on my path?

It did, “Being George Washington” helped me to see that everyone is called and to answer that calling with humility and honor is tough. It can many times seem fultile and hopeless. Just like the men and Washington felt in Valley Forge. Times were tough, and it would be very easy to just curl up and go to someplace that you are not needed but to stick it out even and show everyone that you are willing to get dirty too helps in the making of a great leader of what even cause you going after.

Would I read it again?

I could and will if I find myself needing to consult a particular problem and believe that Washington’s example would shine through.


Pretty Good

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