Boot Loop Fix for the Samsung Galaxy S III

Boot Loop Fix for the Samsung Galaxy S III

Dead AndroidAlright! First I wanna say sorry for no updates nor information as to what where or how I was doing I had a couple of people worried. Well First let me tell you my adventure.

I had to go to West Texas for work not the town that was devastated by the explosion but the Western Texas town of Big Lake. Well while traveling there I ran into a small problem. My Phone which is unrooted had entered a boot loop. 

A bootloop is a when you phone get stuck on a particular part of the loading process when you start your phone. What caused this? I have no clue but I was not able to use my phone in any form or fashion. This was really aggravating and frustrating. I stopped by one Phone store and they said they would have to send it off. Couldn’t do that because I didn’t know how long I was going to be gone for work, and if I didn’t send the old phone back when I got the new one they would charge me full price. OUCH, to the wallet. So, I held onto my phone till I got home. went to the phone store here and the attendant there is awesome! She tried a hard rest of the phone and tada, working phone!

So how do you do this magic trick easy you use the Up button, Home button, and then the power button all at the sametime. So, yes you have to use both hands and maybe a friends to get all buttons pressed, but once you do you will see the other steps shown here in this great video!

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