Close Shave

Who do you watch? Typically when you have a land guide the system is laid out so that you watch the guy in front of you. That is because he is easier to see. There is often a guy behind the truck who makes sure the truck being backed into isn't hitting something in a blind spot.

Had a close call today because the guy in front want paying attention. If the guy watching the blind spot hadn't been able to get out of the way, the damage could of been severe enough to cause death. That scares me.

Should I continue to trust my grant land guide or not trust that he is going to watch the other guys back. I don't know the answer and is going to need to have a few moments of thought.

Glad both guys are safe though. After I hit the T-belt. There were so many different emotions swirling around me. From rage to fear to guilt to some emotions I have yet to detangle. Pay attention the oilfield isn't a candy lane.

Deep breaths
Breathe in breathe out

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