A Day of Thanks

A Day of Thanks

Cowhouse creek in Pottsville, TXThis being Thanksgiving and is not a day as many political folks want to make, about the Indians and whether or not we were committing some type horrible heinous crime. It is about the present. This day is about who, is stil with the family as you gather together, Talk about the memories of Uncle marvin and that time he brought the rattle snake home thinking it was dead. Also for the kinfolk to see that you are healthy and can shake their hands and hug their necks.

You can always find some good some light somethig to be thankful for. For some it might of been a cruddy year and you have lost you sence of purpose, or your direction. Yet you are still alive and ready to climb that next hill. Get things going next year is going to be better all you need to do is start planning.

SO whoever you are close to give them a hug tell them, you are thankful for them and love your family.





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