Deadlines: Cure for the Common Writers Block

Deadlines: Cure for the Common Writers Block

Deadlines are a good thing to stress aboutMany times people will wait for inspiration. I would know I often to for this blog. I sit down and try to find something to inspire me to write about a topic, or even a podcast episode. Many times it is the day of when I all of a sudden find that topic that I want to discuss. That is how the topic of this post came to be written Time limits.

Deadlines, There is something about them that will get even the worst procrastinator up and moving. That definitive line in the sand that tells a person how much time they have left till they are judged on their results. Whether it is you boss judging you or yourself. This is the proverbial fire under the seat. This is one reason goals work so well because they have a time limit. You give yourself till the end of the year to accomplish a task.

Why does a deadline work?

I’m no an psychologist but my line of thinking is that, many times if a person doesn’t have a dead line, then the task that needs to be done is pushed off on to the back burner. Look at any of today’s typical teenagers. They will put their homework off and keep putting it off, till the last minute it is due. All the while, the parents are harping on them about waiting till the last minute. That is because teens, as well as adults, can find more ”Important” tasks at hand that are more enjoyable. That teen will then, get working on that report the night before the due date because, it is due. In other words the deadline is that morning in English lit.

That really doesn’t explain why deadlines work though. The real reason is, actually the ramifications of not completing in time. Whether it is the F in class, the boss yelling and facing a possible loss of your job, or whatever you put up as the punishment for not completing that set task. The knowledge that there is a deadline will often put the needed amount of stress on you. This stress can actually be good in getting the creative juices flowing so that you can actually make the deadline. It also helps alleviate that excuse of writers block that everyone gets.

How do you set deadlines?

This is where it comes down to you. You may be the type of person who is able to self start, be self-reliant and knowing that if you don’t finish by the deadline you are upset with yourself But if you don’t have that type of drive then you may need to incorporate your friends into the mix. Say if you get done by the specified time, you are able to go out with your friends on Friday If the deadline was exceeded then you get to stay home. There are all sorts of rewards you can make for yourself and use them as needed to accomplish your goal.

Many times it take just the little push to get you off of the comfort level to really start working on what you are wanting to accomplish. Setting that deadline will help to urge you to reach the required level of productivity to attain that goal you are striving to reach. So, if you have that writers block and you cant think of the next word. Instead of going for that walk or whatever it is you like to do instead. Put a deadline on your current task, and use the “I would rather” as a reward.  For instance, I am now going to go take a nap.

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