How to fix an antique Schoolhouse light fixture

How to fix an antique Schoolhouse light fixture

I was asked to change an antique schoolhouse light fixture. No problem! That is easy you loosen the set screws. You remove the globe and unscrew the burned out nice yellow light incandecent bulb and put the slow to light annoying blue green colored CFL light bulbs. No sweat! its that easy and all the other great terms that are stated on television.

So with my trusty chair in hand I climb up and find my first problem. No set screws! Well that is no problem that means that the globe will probably unscrew. But I notice that there doesn’t look like there are any threads in the base that holds the globe. I try turning the globes and again no solution there. THese old schoolhouse light fixtures were winning out. I Looked on line I found the light fixtures but nothing on how to change out a simple light bulb.

I was beginning to feel my man card being pulled from my wallet. Manly men should know how to at least change a light bulb. and I have done plenty of light bulb changes. so what was different with this light fixture? about to admit defeat I decided to lok again get a closer look at the problem and see if there could be a clue as to the solution. granted I liked these schoolhouse light fixtures, but I was loosing my like for them fast. So what to do but look and hope that my manliness could be redeemed.  Upon a closer examination, there is a set of tabs that maybe spring loaded so I take a thin bladed screwdriver and see if I can push each tab in. when I do this the outside of the base slides up. I keep sliding the base up till The solution is visible! Yes! awesome and neat idea. There is a metal colar around the base that pushes 4 tabs in so that they hold the globe up. so with just a little work the color comes up and the tabs move out of the way and you are able to change the bulb.



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