Freedom Journey-Day 1

Freedom Journey-Day 1

Day oneGrateful for:

So today I am grateful for the the muse that came along and smacked me with my inspiration yesterday. The first few steps I acted upon, to secure the success of this project.

In 99 days I will:

Have 50 customers wanting my product

My number 1 focus for the day is:

get my plans laid out

To get closer to my goal I will

  1. Set aside time to design landing page to collect email addresses
  2. use pomodoro technique to stay on track.

By the end of the day I will of accomplished

  1. My material list created
  2. ingediant list created
  3. start a landing page copy

Action plan:

Find out how much in materials I will need. Look up ingredients I will need to create product. Figure up the prices for the materials

thoughts and ideas

Good idea on materials but might be good ideas to see if there are plans online that will help with the construction. Also get more research on making products.

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