Have you ever watched God Paint a Day?

Have you ever watched God paint a day into existence? I got to today and I have to say such an amazing event. I was driving down the road between Paducah and Crowell. Granted this is the longest 30 minutes known to man but I now see why. 

As I drove down the road. I could see the tops of some storm clouds off in the distance. As the tops of these clouds became illuminated. You can see more detail and you can see different colors you can see the shadow of the earth as it is crawls down from the top of the clouds to the bottom. You could see a bright spot in the east that slowly changing colors from purple transforming to a pink then blooming to an orange. 

As it did so the prairie started to come into detail.  There was the green of the different types of grasses, buffalo grass and Johnson grass. The Sunflowers and daisies were all coated in this majestic silvery blanket of dew. 

All I can think is wow.  Off on the dark horizon you saw what was clearly clouds but they were flat silhouette of dark blue color yet you could almost see the brush strokes. As the sun continue to rise the tops that blue wall turned rose. Those brush strokes were blending into the details of wind swept parts of the clouds.  Boiling up were more details of the roundness of other clouds. As I near my destination, I can’t help but be a little thankful that God made this road as long as he did. He allowed me to see how he paints a day into being. 

Don’t let life take control. Notice the details noticed the light. And there are miracles and they are on display every day. From a flower growing in a concrete crack. To the smile from your kids. Enjoy every day, love every day for being above ground. Because, God makes that day just for you. 

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