Hello’s and Intros – Ep1


The Self improvement Podcast has started

Hello and welcome to the First Finding Bryan Podcast.

So Who am I?

Bryan Professional Truck Driver and aspiring Podcaster
Bryan Professional Truck Driver and aspiring Podcaster

I am just a guy who is looking for myself. This Episode is just a peak at who Bryan is through the little amount of self discovery there is. But I Throw out some of the Phylosay as to who Iam, What I think I believe and talk about who I was, before I became me.

I have not always had a bit of Loathing for my hometown of Sunray, TX but it did develop after I had lived there again for 2 years and realized that my childhood happiness was hindsight with rose colored glasses on.

I wanted to see where I lost my drive for life because somewhere in the time span of the last 10 years I lost myself. So it is time for me to so on the quest of finding that person who was thirsty for life and had the fun and wonderment. I have to change myself back because I am not liking the grump meister that I currently am playing.

So Listen share your thoughts let me celebrate with you in your accomplishments, as you revel in mine

The Opening Song Ratbags by All India Radio

Closing Song HeroVillian by Parlour Steps
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