I Hate Mud

I Hate Mud

no fun when you are forced into the mud One memory I have is back when I was maybe 6 or 7 years old. One of my cousins was over at my house, and we got a hold of the water hose and proceeded to wet down a patch of dirt in the back yard. If you have a boy you know there is alwsys going to be a patch of dirt, located somewhere along the back fence, but normally in the bsck corner.
Well, my cousin snd i commenced to wetting down my dirt patch amd turning it into a mud hole.

i drilled holes with the water sprayer, and my cousin, she made a lake. We had a ball wasting all that water.

Mud has several different phases it goes through as it gets wet. The barely wet that goes into sticky mud, this is best consistency for mud pies. Then the mud turns soupy. This is the stuff that just coats everything in a beautifully even layer of brown or red depending on the region.

Our mud hole eventually degraded down to the soupy stage, not that us kids cared what state the mud was in we were terraforming and having a ball.

As all fun things you eventually get caught by an adult, we were scolded and the scolding turned giggles. This is because there was hardly any skin showing. My cousin and I had successfully turned each other into the fabled mud men of the Amazon.

Because of our current state we were not allowed to set foot into the house. So, the source of our fun and excitement was turned on us in such an evil way. The water out of the hose had some how been passed through a refrigeration unit it was cold! So, cold we couldn’t scream. Just gasp for air and hope it ended before we froze over.

Mud can be fun.  As when you are walking along a river bank and that thick clay mud squishes between your toes in a rather relaxing way.

But I hate mud. Especially, when I am standing in deep mud. Deep enough to ooze over the top of my work boot and run down in side. That wonderful river bank squish, yeah that ain’t happening. I am experiencing a very unpleasant, cold fish slime sensation in my boots.

Though I would love nothing more than get these boots off of me. I am fighting to keep them on. Not because I enjoy the cardio workout of lifting 20 extra pounds attached to my feet, but the mud that is trying to eat my footware keeps trying to remove them.

So, yeah I hate mud. The only substance that is sticky and slippery at the same time, is my nemesis out in the field. All I want to do is put my feet in some warm water and relax.

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