Supergirl Might Reconnect my Cable

Supergirl Might Reconnect my Cable

I am a cable cutter and I have sacrificed a lot to get be in this little click. Live State of the Union Address? I have to do YouTube. Local news, nope I have to rely on Apps and website to get local information. There are a lot of sacrifices a cable cutter does.

Being able to keep $150 a month in my pocket is the reason for giving the cable companies the proverbial finger. Is the big reason I kicked my satellite dish to the curb was the price. I had enough of paying money for a huge package of channels and the family only watching about 10 different channels.

I may have to change my stance now, and it is because of someone super. Nope not running around on the wife, all my man parts are still attached. But I saw the trailer for the new Supergirl series that is going to be on CBS. This looks good, as all trailers do. But I am actually excited to see how this show does. So much so that I may actually have to get my DirecTv back on my roof. That would be a big event. So big this might just be a job for Supergirl

So that is the trailer. It has a feel of being very positive and help girls view themselves as something that can matter in other ways than just being a princess. Motivate them to get out get a little dirty. Do something extraordinary. If it does that while entertaining and show girls that a little modesty is actually a very good and virtuous thing. I will start to think that they might, just might have a new subscriber.

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