Journey to Freedom – Day 2

Journey to Freedom – Day 2

New Mexico MorningWhat am I grateful for?

I am great full for seeing the splendid sunrise and the ache in the back due to the first stop.

in 98 days I will:

Have 50 customers signed up for my product

My Number one focus today is:

I will get a landing page  started and have it start collecting email addresses to announce when the product is ready.

To get closer to my goal today, I will:

  1. Redirect URL to hosting service
  2. Install WordPress

By the end of the day I will have accomplished:

  1. The redirect to the URL
  2. and the installation of WordPress
  3. and a rough draft for the waning

Main action plan for today it’s gets a job finished and back to Amarillo. Then spend 30 minutes to get the accomplishments in many goals done for today.

My thoughts and ideas thoughts are this is seeing how this will work and the ideas are falling into place they’re kind of rearranging in and shifting and falling like a said in the place so this is a very good thing I am excited still too

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