Lessons Learned From a Dog – Ep6

Lessons Learned From a Dog – Ep6


Snicker the Family houndMan’s best friend, is an amazing gift. You look at a bundle of fur and wet noses. You find one you like, and it seems to like you back. You bring it home to your family home. Chase after it with training pads till it gets the point. This ball of fur the whole time is secretly working its way into your heart and soul.

We have one of these creatures. His name is Snickers. We got this half Pyrenees, quarter Anatolian Shepard, and quarter Komondor, 12 years ago. At that time he had a black mask around his eyes and muzzle. Literally a fur ball with huge feet.

Now though the years have come and gone Snickers has been there, by our side. He has fallen out of pick up trucks while going down the road way and shared his hurt leg with me. Snickers is family. Snickers is loved, and I learned a lot from this old dog that at the end had grey around his muzzel and still turoghly enjoyed having his chest sctached even when his back legs stopped working.

There are lessons learned from a dog. Lessons that a family learns from a dog. Lessons a man learns from his dog. Lessons a boy growing up to be a man learns from his dog.

I had heard when I was younger that God never meant for dogs to live longer than their naked pack members. Growing up, I would of disagreed. Now looking back on almost 40 years I see the truth in that statement, God made these wonderful loyal animals to be small brilliant sparks of joy.

They are put on Earth to help us as head strong humans learn that there is more to life. We over look the simple pleasures, just because we have these overly complex minds. We think we are better. WE as Humans believe that dogs are our pets. How far from the truth could we be? 

What lessons do we learn from having a dog?

1) Everybody is trainable.

You may think you are the master of dog but shortly you will realise that you and the dog communicate in special ways and the dog also trains you. Who answers the dog to a scratch or a bark wanting in? The same as pooches know that they are not suppose to be on the bed.

2) When you are a part of a pack you matter.

We all crave to be in a group, pack, tribe, or what ever you are wanting to call it. We all want to belong. No one want to be kept out in the cold snow or rain. We want to be worm and dry with the other folks. As dogs we just want to belong.

3) The Now is all that truly matters.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will never arrive. Enjoy the life and time that is “The Now”. Somebody may do you wrong but afterwards it is all good.

4) Stop a little longer and smell the news.

You just might find something cool and interesting you wouldn’t of seen or smelt before.

5) Dogs instinctually know where the most comfortable spot in the house is, and sometimes it is not on the couch. Sometimes not even in the house!

Watch the dog and find out why they lay where they do. Yo might find it is a good place for a nap.

6) Mud is so nice!

7) Answer the call of nature or dogs will plant a reminder right where you step.

There are always warnings that something unpleasant can be averted. Just take the time to endure a little cold and you wont have to endure something gross.

8) Greet those returning with unbridled excitement! Act like they have been gone for years.

Whether it is returning to get the mail or returning from a tour of duty. 

9) Offer up the belly to a good rubbing.

As any dog owner knows hounds love to have their bellies rubbed. It feels nice but also is a means to show that they trust you. A dog will not offer up a very vulnerable part of their body to someone unless they trust them.

10) Though strangers may be scary Sniff around you might find a butt you agree with.

you Never know you might find you next best friend

11) Announce to the WHOLE neighborhood you are here.

Might get annoyed if you do it all the time but it is good to communicate

12) Life carries on, so dont dwell on what was lost.

13) If the Gate is open Explore you might find a good bone.

14) If you are passing through leave a calling card, on all four tires.

15) Learn your manors it makes you much more pleasant.

16) Avoid the cat

You can tell a dog owner almost by first site. They carry a little marker upon themselves.

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