Look out for Potholes – Ep 9

Look out for Potholes – Ep 9


Planning helps prepare the road ahead

You can do all the planing you want but sometimes there are potholes that are out of sight. Then before you know it you are smack dab in the middle of a problem that you didn’t think of before hand.

How do you plan for the unforeseen? Well, I can say find a good clairvoyant, or you plan the best you can and then realize that there are problems and learn from them. This is how many, if not the majority of, people actually learn about a particular path in life. Some are smarter. They seek out people who have made that very trip before, and find out what pitfalls are there that haven’t been thought of and how to avoid them.

The old business owner who has been in your field for 42 years is a wealth of untapped information. They have been around the block more times than you can count and can almost predict what is going to happen as you start out on your path. Find that wealth of information, that Clairvoyant and learn everything you can. 

Even the most insightful business man will not see all trip hazards or unknown trip ups. So, what happens if you stumble? I would look at how do you deal with failure. You can take anything that doesn’t go as planned and attribute it as a form of failure. You take failure as a means of life preparing you for success. So, these potholes in the road of life are just that, different trials for success. Are you man, or woman, enough to deal with the challenge? Can you overcome whatever obstacle you are faced with? If you can keep the right attitude and line of thought you can and will succeed. Then again you might just decide that the challenge is too big for you and you give up and then we knwo just how good you really are.

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