My Journey to Freedom

My Journey to Freedom

Text of my plans for the dayOK, I backed a kick starter project last week. The project was John Lee Dumas’s Freedom Journal. But because of the limited funds we have at the moment I couldn’t go for the bigger plan with more bells and whistles but I am excited to get this product.

Since I received my backing gifts I was trying to figure out what my 100 day goal was going to be and I was not sure. I kept thinking maybe get 12 customers or 500 email subscribers. Yet no good solid ideas would hit me.

That is till yesterday. On the way home an ideas smacked me in the head and an old idea came back with intense possibilities
So I have stuff to write in my journal now as I move down the road to what I believe to be success.

So my first 10 day sprint
**My Top Three Goals for this sprint**

  1. Gather the hardware and materials to build the critical tester and component to my business.
  2. Gather the needed ingredients
  3. Devise an launch plan

**One habit I will develop on this 10 day sprint**

Brush my teeth regularly

**Thoughts and musings**

I pretty much put it all on the line at the top but I also am excited about this. The name I found was super easy and was not taken at all, I just sort of took that as a sign. So join be each day for the next 100 days as this come to light.


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