My Paradigm Shift – Ep 20

My Paradigm Shift – Ep 20


Many times when you are close to just throwing your hands up and throwing the towel in. Providence will step in and slip a little gift into your hands. This happened last week for me and my struggle with raising a rebellious teen.

Getting close to the end of my rope I started reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Affiliate . My eyes were opened to to the Pygmalion effect and the self fulling prophecy I now believe I was the cause of my sons rebellion to a greater part. I was not listening. I was putting my biases on him and was not accepting him for the person he was. I was fighting his battle for self-identity, he is wanting to be accepted, by his mother and me, and I was telling him that my love was conditional. If he didn’t conform I was not going to love him. The absolute wrong message I was trying to convey.

So I am changing a goal I set because I have found something that will help me achieve that one goal but it is easier if I understand how to listen to people better. So the apply three lessons from “How to Win Friend and Influence People” is now going to be apply the first three principles of Highly effective people.

Podcast Dojo I going great as of now three episodes are out, and being received pretty well in my estimates.

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