Its a New Year!

Its a New Year!

New Year New StartIt is now 2014 as many are realising as they try to write out a check and have to do the first month date scratch. 

It is time to get your goals for last year in to perspective and line things up for your goals of this year. Many People have been working on their goals all year. Yet some have waited till the last minute and are just now getting them hammered out. My goals review and new goals are goingg to be released on the next episode. I have come across a site called now I am talking about this today because I will be doing some tests with this platform that will later be moved over to Podcast Dojo and help with getting that business off the ground.

Webfluential is a social media marketing assistant from all that I have been able to gather. The site’s algorithms looks at your sites stats, and other social media endevors and like klout puts a grade to them. but unlike klout it starts looking for advertisers to match you up with so that you can start making money. I think this is a wonderful way for bloggers twitter guru’s and youtubers to start making a little bit of bread from their passions. 

It shows that I am a high average and that is good in my books. “God like’ would be better but I know I have a long ways to go. but if you start seeing odd banners showing up I am just playing around with some different ideas. This is the year I start making strides. I am wanting to run and get on the trail of finding that guy of my youth because I refuse to give up I want to know where he is. 

So join me and let see what Finding Bryan 2014 looks like…

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