No Noodle!

No Noodle!

Well it's official today's sucked.
Beside for all of us drivers being barred from the trailer. Which means we can't make food or use the restroom. No Cups of Noodles or popcorn. Apparently we filled the holding tank up and the place started to smell. Then also apparently someone ate all the bread. I know major offense. I mean come on Jean Valjean was imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread. The big problem we are facing is that there is no port-a-potty on this staging pad. So if you have to go there is no place to do so. Now you may say but your out in the middle of no where. And you would be correct except for the fact that we have to women drivers so you can just squat between the duals anymore.
I also pulled a major boner and drove off with a hose still connected to the sand can. Killed the hose and could of done some major harm to somebody. Embarrassed about my over sight.
Need to do some repair work to the trailer. I guess I will do that while getting a flat fixed.

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