Oh Woe is Me

Oh Woe is Me

This is a problem I have when I am away for a while. I get weird thoughts percolating through my ol' bean. The current thought is that I am not suppose to have fun. Weird I know. Yet, it seems that all I am suppose to do is make money and hand it over. This stems from seeing friends going out enjoying life. Here I am and I haven't been able to go camping in years. Nor have I gone any place I have wanted in a long time. Every time I bring up the idea, the wife and I make plans and then when we get close to time to do the trip. We don't have the money.
Now I know this is just jealousy speaking so I try not to entertain these thoughts but when you are out here with no one to talk to that is difficult. Ok well the potty party is over back to looking out of the window and waiting.

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