You cant help yourself if you don't know what is wrong

Planning the Route

You cant help yourself if you don't know what is wrongEvery Journey may starts with a single step. If you don’t know where you are going, then how are you going to get there?

So the first thing is find what you want to fix. This is actually harder than what you think because pride gets in the way. You have to be truly honest with yourself to fix what is wrong. If, for example, you have trouble talking to people it could be as you think that the people are just too busy to be bothered with you. Yet in reality it could be that you are shy or that you are just too abrasive for people to find your company enjoyable. Both of these are fixable. You just have to be truthful with yourself.

So what is needing to be fixed?

For me, I have a few Goliaths that are needing to be tackled. 

First is Family, without family you are just a person; with a family you are someone. People often take family and set it on the back burner. These people focus on the goals ahead of them or there are hurt feelings  for whatever reason and so the family unit is broken. To add insult to that injury people will often continue to pick at the problem keeping it inflamed instead of trying to help it heal.

It is a little of all of this for my family. There are sections of my family that are damaged. Other parts that have been neglected and are now overgrown with weeds of resentment. The Garden walls are good but sometimes they are built too high so that the beauty of the family is not seen. 

The extended family has to be  part of the unit and this is where most problems seem to come into play whether it is a lack of communication or the secret dealings behind closed doors that would make even the Ewing’s frustrated. Are not insurmountable. If you learn to communicate in the right way.

Second is productivity. Something everyone talks about but little know what to do. I am included in this. I know I need organization. the Family needs structure. and my work and dreams need someone who is productive. I admit I do not have even the foggiest clue as to where to start. Each attempt at organization always end in such a disarray that is would help if there was a starter kit. There is non that I know of. So I am starting this by feeling around, blindly and take in as much as my little mind is able. To see if I can find that light switch of inspiration, and get the clue needed as to where to start.

Most of this is going to be done through books. Mainly because they do not accuse, they do not blame, books only inform and educate. I plan on using books, to start with as the primary fertilizer, till I need something stronger; and I have the backbone and knowledge as to how to talk to a person I want to get to know better. When I finally learn to be confidant and I come out of my comfort zone and see what the world truly has out there for me to admire.

So the first step is for me to get the map, then strap on the boots and get to hoofing. Glad you are on this journey with me.

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