Playstation Network and how to get on

Playstation Network and how to get on

For Christmas this year my true love gave to me…

A PS4!!!! Yeah I know the Xboxers out there are groaning thinking that people should all pile onto the Xbox because it is better at this or is plays that. Yadda yadda yadda. All that could be flipped and it would still work it is the old Apple and Android Mac or PC argument.

This year there was an outage in both camps done by a group of very smart people who apparently dont know how to use their knowledge to help mankind. Since that was the case they brought both MIcrosoft and Playstation Networks down. Microsoft was able to get their back up in a day and a half while Playstation took a long while. To fix the problems it looks like Playstation made some network changes (my assumption, not fact). With a little looking around and a big help from the PS4 sub-Reddit, I was able to get back on while a lot of people were not.

What do you have to do get back onto the playstation network?

Well there are a few setting that need to be changed. That are not hard to reach. so dont worry about some technical acrobats or anything like that. So, lets get back online so you can play with your new toy!

This is where you will do your changes in your playstation network settingsFirst you want to go to your network settings. To do this to to the top bar of your playstation and over to the far right you will see a toolbox with the words Settings under it. Press X button

the playstation netowrk settings are found in the settingsThere is an option a little ways down in the settings list that says Network and it contains all of the needed bits and pieces you are going to need to use for changing the playstation network settings.







Select the network settings

Choose setup Internet Connection. Even if you have set up your connection already you will want to go through and set that connection back up with a few small changes. NOw when you are asked for Wireless of Ethernet connection that doesn’t matter so much just choose what ever connection you have. If before you had wireless then choose wireless, and act like you are resetting it up. Same with an ethernet connection act like you are setting up a new one.

While setting up your network connection bee on the look out for two specific settings. The two settings are DNS not DHCP host and MTU. When you come to the DNS setting you will choose Manual instead of automatic. after you choose next you will be face with DNS1 and DNS2 here you can choose one of two settings. That is you can use Google DNS unmbers

  • and




use the following DNS numbers for the DNS settings on your playstation netowrkWith these settings you will be able to get a better browsign speed because your ISP doesn’t put much stock in DNS servers. So using the public Google DNS server numbers or you can use a service like OpenDNS and use their numbers too. Both services work very well.

After you have set the DNS server address’ so your Playstation will know where to look you need to be on the look out for the next option MTU. MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit. This is Geekinese for how big can the packets of information be for the network. The default is 1500 and that will normally work but from time to time you will come across a network that is 1450 or smaller and so the packets get broken down even more and that can make everything move slower on the network. The magic number you want on your Playstation 4 is

  • 1475

So for your MTU remover the 1500 and enter 1475 and choose next and go with the defaults if you have any other setting you are being faced with and check you network settings if you can set get any response then you might need to check your settings. and make sure you put the dots in the DNS in the right spot.

After doing all of that you should be able to sign into your Playstation account and get to playing. So have fun!

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