Rumors, Lack of Information and Too Much Sharing – Ep 18

Rumors, Lack of Information and Too Much Sharing – Ep 18


They really dont do any goodWork has taken me away from my passion but not forever. I was down in Pecos, Texas for a little under 2 weeks and then find out that the cancer of business has struck my place of employment. Now it  didn’t kill the company, only had a small panic where we lost about 5 people in a three days that has a tendency to really cause a scare but the lack of information for the employees is the basis of the rumors. The lack of communication from the employees also doesn’t help the problem. Here is a place someone can step up and be a leader. With this particular test I failed miserably, I was partaking in the rumor mill instead of finding a solution and presenting it to the boss. This point I have taken to heart and will do better next time.

Now, I also found out that I probably shouldn’t of shared my thoughts with The youngest one in my views of her friend. I was not too impressed with the tales of woe and hardship she was presenting to my daughter and from the reactions I got I would have to say I over did it a bit. I am not sure if I got that lesson fully I will probably screw that up a few more times before I get it right.

We also have an update with Jaybird and his clueless rebellion. He is still trying to point out that Mom and Dad are total idiots and is hell bent on doing the exact opposite of he is told. I understand that yes he has to learn but at the same time if he screws up and get into trouble then it is not our fault. It is the person who breaks the rules fault. Again I understand that this is a learning curve and we are just hoping to keep him in school long enough to graduate.

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