Sun going bye bye

Oh it is time to see why the heathers of your acted as if the world needed heap many sacrifices. But for me today it is like any other day. Pick up that sand and take it to that very same location. But we are one day closer to being finished.

I am a bit excited to see what type of pictures people get when they try to photo the eclipse. I here it can do some damage to your sensor so I probably won’t do it. But still interested.

Ok I totally took a picture but since we are in the zone that gets a 75% eclipse my experience was a good bit different. The biggest thing I noticed was the shadows became blurry.

But what first caught my eye to tell me that the eclipse was on was that it seemed as if life was being seen through the Hefe Instagram filter. The sky was this rich blue color.

The primaries in me could understand why our ancestral witnesses may of wigged out a little bit.

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