Teen Trust – Ep 15

Teen Trust – Ep 15

Teens always seem to want to destroy trustTeens, They want to do their own thing. They often do the right thing but then they do the wrong choice and wonder how we know. Many teens will claim to not know it was wrong but I will let the cat out of the bag, teens, if you are reading this… 

When you’re hiding something and it shows. When you hide something it is because, deep down, you know it is wrong.

Well my rebellious teen is on a mission to take any indication of trust and take a sledgehammer to it. In other words he doesn’t want to just break the trust he is out to vaporize it. Now it is obvious that I have no clue as to handle this I am doing so in a buffoonish bumbling manner that causes me to only hope that I am not destroying a relationship down the road that we both will need.

I am learning that you cant teach teens anything. You cant even advise them is anyway. Because they will do just the opposite you almost have to treat them as a mental patient and just try to keep them from hurting themselves. At least that is how it feels.

Is that how it really is? I dont fully think so. I have some thoughts on the topic that I will give in an up coming post.

So what else is happening in the Entrepreneur world? Lots realising that if I am going to get Project:Kick up off the ground I will have to foce myself to write the articles that are needed.so SHort goal is being created to write 4 articles so that they can be released once a week and that way I am able to write more articles with the minimum of one a week. (I believe that this is a very reasonable goal.)

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