Texas and the Son – Ep 13

Texas and the Son – Ep 13


The Frustrating things in life

Wow, Texas was not happy I left. It punished me in a few different ways one being that my phone died. If you know anything about me I have to have my phone to keep up with the news. I am a news junkie and this last week was hard on America and the fact that I was not able to reach any news of what was going on, but I did get it fixed

This episode I also talk about Where I am at in my goals are we on track or do I need a little adjustment. 

  • Grow all of my podcasts by 200 listeners – I dont really know how to really track my listeners
  • Get to Know 20 of my listeners – Realizing that I actually dont know how to engage my listeners but a small hint showed up today
  • Interview 20 people – Falling behind on this
  • Make $50  off of a Podcast – current amount $0.00
  • Add 2 more Podcasts to the Lineup – One down one more to go
  • Buy a New Mixer – nope
  • Buy 2 new Microphones – Not yet
  • Find a Church – Gotta work on that one
  • Make 3 new Friends in 3 different important fields of my life. financial, podcasting, business – lots of work to do here. I actually will have to figure out how to build a relationship from scratch.
  • Visit Every State Park within a 2 hour radius – This should start happening now that it is somewhat warming up
  • Create a budget that will support a lean earning season – In process
  • Start positioning myself to start my own business – New podcast to fall in line with this
  • Go to New Media Expo – still working on the details
  • Start getting information for CPAC – Still working on this
  • Start a Meet up for  The Hayseed Report – Still working on it
  • Start a Meet up for Self Help and Self Improvement – Still working on it
  • Learn and apply 3 lessons from Dale Carnegie’s book “How to win friends and influence people” – will start after I finish quite

I also talk about how being the parent of an American Teenage boy is one of the biggest frustrations I am going through.

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