Thanksgiving at Nanna’s

Thanksgiving at Nanna’s

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The Fun of taking off and seeing the family. We have the kids packed, the dogs packed, and ready to go. So we head off to Dominos to fuel up with cheaper gas than normal. It is very nice to be able to fill upyour tank with $20.00 less what you would normally have to use. More money for the real beer in Texas.

After diving for a few hours it is time to fill up the ol’ tank (aka – The stomach) with some Fuzzy’s Taco shop. We got a nice helping of a large burrito and latino fries. both as great as I remember. Stop off at a park to so the dogs are able to relieve themselves, then off we go again.

From here we keep heading to our destination, enjoying the gradual change of country side from prairie to the lovely and much anticipated wooded area of the Texas hill country. Enjoying the specical of the sun setting as we pass through Hamilton on the final stretch to Pottsville. Till we arrive and are greeted by family.


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