That’s the Goal of Goal Setting

That’s the Goal of Goal Setting

With goal setting you can achieve successGoals Setting, if you are going to accomplish anything in life you are going to use some form of goal setting. This could be just stating it, or writing it down. Most people who are wealthy and successful use goal setting. Those who don’t use goal setting use up a lot more energy because they are not focused and utilize a shotgun effect of try several things at once and see which one works pretty good. Eventually, you get “Too Many Iron’s In the Fire”. 

I have already tried goal setting as a test. I am a smoker, have been for 18 years. On October 5 of 2012, I enacted my goal of not smoking anymore. I created a plan and listened to those who had successfully quit to find the easiest road for me to go. I found it and wrote out my map. 

I knew from previous experiences cold turkey didn’t work. I also found out that trying to get to the point where you don’t want to smoke anymore will never arrive. So, you have to grab the reins and direct your own life. This is what I did.

I made my plan I set up a goal of with in a month I will quit. That point came and went I had been doing a decrease smoking plan for a while and I got down to 13 cigarettes a day. I could not get under that 13 mark. So, I had to call the Calvary in. So, I found a quit coach talked to them about what was happening. They suggested trying a patch lozenge combo.  So I got a box of lozenges and nicotine patches. Slapped one on before I went to bed and as of now I have completed my goal! Yes I have been “smoke” free since October 5 and nicotine free since Jan 5. 

So I missed my mark…

Does that mean I failed?


When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.

-Zig Ziglar

It means I didn’t fully know the lay of the land and found a pit fall I didn’t account for, so I changed the course on my map. That is why Goal setting is the map to accomplishing your desires. The mission statement is your compass, and your Core Values are your way points. All of these together will allow you to direct yourself to your goals.

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.
― Zig Ziglar

Failure is good. So, when you start going down your path. Do not give up just because you are not reaching your goal of what ever. If you get to your dead line and you goal was to lose 50 lbs. and you only lost 35, celebrate then you got over the halfway mark. Don’t throw yourself in the dirt in a huff and think you didn’t succeed. You just fell behind schedule. Airlines do that all the time. 12

There is only one way for you to truly fail and that is to give up. If you learned something from the delay then you are right on track, just keep chugging along.

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