The Mission Statement!

The Mission Statement!

After a weeks worth of searching and thinking I have hammered out a better mission statement I took the shorter one and made it the base and it has the majority of its originality I sprinkled through it my intentions of improving my productivity, self and parts of the longer mission statement. 

Siccess in writing a mission statement
Success can happen every day

After reading both statements I liked aspects of both but that was not what my mission at this point is to be. So, I would need to create my own since I knew what I was aiming for now. I wanted to add that I am going to be more productive. Since, I am going to actively  be more productive, better organized  This Mission statement needed to state that. I didn’t like some of the wording it sounded like I wanted to be someone else. Which in a way I do. I want to be me 20 years ago. but I do not want to be my dad Johnny Goodwin, I want to have the spirit of my dad. His influences he had on me. 

I realized recently that I had a very passive aggressive cruel streak running through me. So I chose the throw that out and replace it with Joy, because when you have joy you have a whole flood of positive emotions and mind sets that come with Joy. Along with Relax, calm, contentment. But you dont want to stay content.

So with out further wait…


My Life’s journey is a constant search for God, Self, and Life
I will engage the drive to improve myself and my family, to be better than the day before.
Through loyalty and dedication, I will live as Bryan Goodwin.
I will lead my family, into a better life.
I will bring God Back into my life through true humility and prayer.
My family depends on me, so I must be there for my family.
I will seek my higher purpose and listen for clues from that small still voice within.
Though life may be hard, I cannot forget that life is fun. Have fun. Laugh daily.
Throw Cruelty out, and invite joy into the house everyday
Enjoy and embrace the delight that every day brings.
I will seek to improve my productivity while maintaining  grace and a level head
My children WILL be better off than I was.
I want people to remember me for being friendly, wise, happy, and a trusted source of knowledge.
Being true to myself will be the hardest task to complete.
I will not feel sorry for myself, but like my dad, accept what life has dealt me. Use his eternal Optimism to build with.
I will find enjoyment in my hobbies and friends.
I am at my best when I have a clear path.
I will avoid being pressed for time.
In doing so, I will be able to grow my podcasts from a hobby to a profitable and successful business.


So now Go out and make your own Mission statement read it everyday. Read it multiple times a day, till you have it memorized and then apply it. It is the first step to the better you.

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