The Spring Night Air

The Spring Night Air

Spring smell from the woodsI stand by my truck tonight and I can tell that spring is truly here. How? By the seductive sweet scent of green that is wafting to me from the woods next to me.

Have you ever caught the smell of green? The sweet cool scent that you can feel entering your lung’s and revitalizing your youthful energy?

When I smell the combination of cool humid air, mixed with sage wild onion, and other field herbs. I am placed back into Paradise On Earth when I was 14 and hanging out with my great grandparents. I am sitting out on the porch after supper, the sun has gone down, and the lightning bugs are just starting to dance.
The emotion I feel when I smell this spring green scent is optimism, vitality, contentment, and confidence. A few things i seem to be missing these days.

So, I encourage everyone to go to your local green belt. Whether it is a park, or the woods out back . Breath deep let your mind wander as you are embraced by your memories.

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