The work induced exile.

The work induced exile.

Gonna restart this journaling thing. I have tried this before and yeah I was alright but wasn't keeping a very good schedule with it.
I have been trying to get a business off the ground and the ability to do so it turning out to be tough but not for what I originally thought. I apparently am getting in my own way. I come up with so many different reasons to not do stuff. It is actually sad.
As of now I am doing the Fizzle course, and I am stuck on talking to potential customers. The though of going into the stores here scares me in a way that I don't understand. I have found excuses and reasons to not go instead of just getting it done. So while I am at my day job I will be making a list of all the possible questions I can think of to ask a person. Then once this job is done find a way to force myself to talk to someone about social media.

This images I took for these series of posts are going to be image free. Unless I can find a way to export the images from Day One Journal. I am sure there is a way to do this but how is the trick. So till then sorry no pictures.

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