Mission statement is a compass to your life

This is a Mission Statement

Life can be chaotic. It can be hard to find your way when you do not have a road map. So, where do you get this map to life. So you know where you are wanting to go and reference that to where you are, so that you know whether or not you are on the right track?

“A personal mission statement becomes the DNA for every other decision we make.” (Stephen Covey)

Mission statement is a compass to your life

So I need one for this experiment and quest to work I need to know where I am and where I am going.  But the problem is I want my mission statement to be true. I have a resolution to be true to myself first. My life is not all peaches and cream like I use to think I feel at times my family is falling apart. There are times I FEEL that I am not the parent that I need to be and that I am losing my children to a world that only wants to use them. This world wants to chew them up and discard them in the heap of wasted lives.

Yet to be a good parent I know that I have to lead by example. So, I want to get the needed supplies to be able to venture out. To, now how to make a missions statement. Since I sont have the foggiest clue as to how to make create a mission statement, I did some research.


According to Quintessential Careers, this is a 5 step process.

You need to find out 

  1. Identify your Successes
  2. What are your Core Values
  3. Your Contributions
  4. Name your Goals
  5. Then you write your Mission Statement.

While as I look some more I find Come Recommended’s site and it mentions these steps

  1. Find Three Action Verbs that are meaningful to you
  2. Find your Core Values
  3. Find A cause or issue that you are inspired from
  4. Find interests that you feel drawn to
  5. You then make a short mission statement.

Then I come across Gala Darling and she has some great ideas 

  1. As yourself some hard questions and answer them honestly
  2. Pull in some quotes that move and inspire you
  3. If you need help getting started don’t be afraid to use a Mission statement generator to get the feel for what a mission statement might look and sound like.

I came across many more and they pretty much each had different variations of these. So, I have a good idea of the pathway to go now. So I first used the autogenerator

This Mission statement Generator is a 10 question form where you are asked 

I am at my best when… This one was actually hard for me to think of. I actually had to go for a walk and think this through
I am at my worst when…

After working on the answers to the questions I cam up with the following

 You now have the beginning of a mission statement built on a foundation of your values. You have more clarity into you want to be and to do in your life. You can also start to detect the values and principles upon which your life is based.

You can continue to write and revise your mission statement until you feel it reflects what you live for. You could also try going through the Freewrite section of this site to help you refine your mission and values, or you could visit the Get Inspired section for more ideas.

I am at my best when I have a clear Vision.
I will try to prevent times when I am crunched for time.
I will enjoy my work by finding employment where I can Have the sense that I am a part of a team.
I will find enjoyment in my personal life through Growing my podcast.
I will find opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts such as talking, meeting mew people.
I can do anything I set my mind to. I will Expand my podcast network to a profitable size.
My life’s journey is Constant search for fun and laughter through optimism and family..
I will be a person who My son to stand up and say, “My dad, with my mom standing beside him, fought tooth and nail with me everyday to have me realize the true potential my sister and I have. To embrace that potential. grow with that potential. reach the stars because that way you will never have come up with handfuls of mud”.
My most important future contribution to others will be My optimism and enthusiasm for life.


I will stop procrastinating and start working on:
Becoming the better person
Improving my family
realize what life truly holds for me and chase after it with all the enthusiasm God has granted me


I will strive to incorporate the following attributes into my life:
Gentle, Funny
zest for life
Honesty and Humility


I will constantly renew myself by focusing on the four dimensions of my life:
Walk daily
Pray humbly
Challenge the thought by looking at the other side
Meet and friend people who are better then I am

I then noticed another generator for a personal mission statment on the same site  and with this I got the Following

I will encase the drive to improve myself and my family to be better than the day before.

Through loyalty and dedication I will live as Johnny Goodwin.

As Dean Bryan was a gentle and firm teacher. I will lead my family.

I will bring God Back in to my life through true humility and prayer.

My family depends on me, so therefore I must be there for my family.

I will seed my higher purpose and listen for clues from that still small voice within.

Though life my be hard, You can not forget that life is fun. Have fun. Enjoy the delight that everyday brings you.

My Children WILL be better off than I was.

Honest as the day is long is how I want people to remember me.

Being true to myself will be the hardest task to complete.

I will no feel sorry for myself, but like my dad, accept what life has dealt me and use it to build with.

First off yes I realize the grammatical errors this is a direct copy from the generator so the Mission statements right off the bat need to tweeking.

Now is that it? No, that is not all there is to it. Now there is the fine tuning. I am going to take each of these and test drive them for about a week or two and then see which one fits better, and see if I can turn one or the other into a personal motto. That will be one of the next steps that I make.

I have to say that the Generators was easy i was afraid that it was going to put a lot of fluff into it that was stuff that i would like to hear about myself. A lot like how horoscope work it may not be entirely true but it is bit that a person wants to be so that they say yeah that is ME! Yet it turned out to be items that I put in, and they are pretty good for a start.

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