Time Crunch – Ep 14

Time Crunch – Ep 14


Great motivator of Time management

So Much to do and so little time to do it. How does a person actually manage to get all that is needing to be done.. well, done? Here recently I found out one small key to this trick and that is have a time constraint. If you know that there is something needing to be done whether it is in the form of a goal or a task that is needing to be completed the best way to make sure it gets finished is to have a deadline.

I found this out recently because of how work was turning out I was not able to get many of the tasks that are needed to be done even started much less finished. Then I had one day off only one before that madness of work started up again. This deadline of I have to get something done and done now! was my motivator, that fire under my seat, if you will. Because of this motivation I was able to get a lot done that was desperatly needing to be done

I also talk about what is happening at work and how that is affecting Project Kick. Why work is starting develop a slight irritation but nothing more than that.

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