Time to Shrink the Ego

Time to Shrink the Ego

This week, it came to my attention that I was way too big for my own britches. Now I expected to gain some weight. I have been tobacco free for a little over a year (Oct 05, 2012) and I will be Nicotine free in January 05. So, I have replaced food for smoking. The results are expected I started airing up like a Pilsbury Doughboy! So, what do I need to do? Diet

I plan on shedding 65 lbs and documenting what I do to loose that weight. THis will help with my blogging efforts and get in to the habit of doing so on a regular basis.

The following are some what blurryWorking hard on a dunlap but pictures of me. Yes I am dedicated enough to actually show myself in rather embarrassing  shots and show that I am need to loose some weight. I cant stand the moobs that have developed and the belly that has started doubling as a table is going to be moved out.

large Belly and butt

My Side view, as you can see my butt has grown to act as a counterbalance to my stomach. I find it rather bad and both are going away. I will save the the view of the back side for sometime if you anger me. It will be for the truly horrible punishment. but I will let you know that here are  fat rolls.

Current plans are as follows.

Log Caloric intake with LoseIt app

Move more- Walk at least a mile, start going sit ups to firm up the belly and push ups to get rid of the blooming bingo wings.

update at regular intervals

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