A lesson Learned? – Ep 30

A lesson Learned? – Ep 30


convictMy thoughts as to the Rebel improving and things getting better were wrong.  We now have an arrest under our belt. The Rebel decided to have a Possession of a controlled substance  and a charge of possession of paraphernalia, Possession of Alcohol, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  So, He gets to sit in Jail for four days till his bond hearing. His mother and I are nervous wrecks over this whole deal and we are trying to figure out why he is so hell bent on doing stupid, and we cant help but blame his friends. Why? Well One of the rebel’s friends has benn around him more than once when he got into serious trouble, and you can tell when the Rebel is hanging aroudn this kid because his attitude changes and sluffs off his responsibilities. Chores stop being done, leaves when he feels like it, and Grades fall through the floor.

So two of the accomplices are banned from being at my house again, and this is to keep from having the authorities knocking on my door. I really hope The wife and I are goign to be able to convince him to move out of this state. Cause This neck of the woods the school district doesn’t care who goes to school. The rebel has 5 friends that are not in school and should be. At lease on is around the 5th grade. Sad truly sad. At the same time It is also sad that there are soo many parents in this area that dont care about their kids. Even more sad.

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