Tsu – The Amway of Social Media

Tsu – The Amway of Social Media

Amway is a multilevel marketing the same as the social network TsuFor a good while now I have been looking at this new fangled social network that is suppose to “Pay You” for participating on their platform. Because unlike Ello, This site will advertise. After joining and looking at the site, I have found an occurring thought passing through my mind. This is Amway.

For those who may be too young to remember there was a time that Multilevel marketing was actually called a pyramid scheme. That is you join a group and you get other people to join the group under you. As you add people and they add people you get this large network of people under you who are trying to sell “X” product. Now as the Lowest man on the totem pole sells an item they get a dollar of the profits and as the profits filter up each level get a dollar. When the profit line finally get to you, you also get a dollar. Now you may say A dollar is not much.You are right it isn’t but when you have 700 people under you it adds up. This was considered illegal until Amway came on the scene and they changed just enough of the rules to not be illegal. With that a whole new industry was born. There are now Avon, Mary Kay, Beach Body and Shakeology, which are all part of the Amway style of Multi-level marketing


Tsu has a “Family Tree” to show who joined because of you and so you find out through the analytics and other tools how much you are making. There is a “Bank” which shows how much you have made. I now have a whole whopping penny after 2 weeks of use! At this rate I will get a dollar in 2 years. So, Tsu has a feel of being a little scammy but at the same time if you can over look all the #TSU back patting that goes on, there is an energy about the site that is actually kind of cool.

So is Tsu actually a good thing? It might cause it does allow you to own your platform, in a way. So if this sounds interesting then go ahead and join on up.

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