Want burn out?

Hey! I am back to complaining. Been on this well since the 19th of Sept. I have had only 1 day and a half off in that time. Granted I am about to get 3 days off in 7 days.

Yet I am past burned out. I just about got fired last night and my attitude was “Oh Well” Completely wrong attitude to have. I get it. There is a “safety” guy who I have dubbed Captain Anal. The way he presents himself is in a way that has me just say fuck you. I know he is just wanting to claw his way up the corporate ladder and I can’t fault him on that. That’s all he knows. He lacks inspiration and has the personality of a limp dick.

Then there is the drudgery of a soul killing job in that I don’t care to be at. Yet I have to so I don’t put the wife into an early grave because she doesn’t know where the money is coming from. So I feel stuck but I want to get a business up and moving. I cant cause I don’t have access to a good computer to really get the plate spinning.

But any how as I said been on this job since the 19th, at this time we are 23 days in and just hit the half way mark yesterday. So there is another 22 days of driving 60 miles getting loaded and 60 miles back. Then there is the getting paid hardly anything for my time away.

So yeah I think I will do another 22 days at the well and document the mindlessness if it all.

Well at least there are cattle to look at.

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