We Have Caught The Potter – Ep 11

We Have Caught The Potter – Ep 11


We have caught the potter

Talk about my adventure in trucking and how I got caught doing 63 mph in a 45 zone and by the grace of God I was able to get out of it.

I also share the reason for this podcasts graphic of My goofy mug and my plans for making this a T-Shirt for a good friend of mine. I believe that he will like it as much as I do.

I also talk about Commentary tracts, why I like them

I talk about the reflecting on how a person will have such grand views of how their kids will turn out only to find that you will actually try to fight to keep them on the track of the path they choose back when they were 5 years old.   That pan is obviously not going to work because a kid is gonna grow up and have a different view and life plan for themselves.

Then there are the podcasts that I like. I have several different podcasts  for different interests. These interest are easily put into four different play lists.

These play lists are Learning, Podcasting, Politics, and The Funny. The learning and podcasting  lists are the two I spend the most time listening to. If you have a podcast you like let me know I am always up for a new show I usually give it 3 episodes and if it doesn’t catch by then I normally just don’t listen anymore.


The Full list

48 Days Podcast – Dan Miller

All American Radio – Conservative radio

Android Central – Android Phone tech podcast

Beyond the To-Do List – Personal productivity

Brass Balls Radio – Use to be conservative but they have given up on their politic’s and have gone lifestyles

Building A Better Dave – Self Help

Comedy Bang Bang – Comedy

The Tech Guy – Tech guy

Music Radio Creative – Podcast on Jingles

Podcast Answer Man – Podcast on Podcasting

Podcasters Round Table – Ray Ortega and his round table

Hollywood Babble -On – Hollywood news and the funny

Smodcast – The Original Kevin Podcast

Smoviemakers – Movie podcast

School of Podcasting Morning Announcements – Podcast in podcasting by Dave Jackson

S.T.A.R.T – Start Talking And Recording Today – Podcast on podcasting

Strickly Right – Conservative podcast

Struggling Entrepreneur –  Business podcast

Adam Corolla Show – Comedy and news

The Audacity To Podcast – Podcast on podcast

The Candid Conservative – Conservative podcast

The Delivery – Conservative podcast

The Hayseed Report – Conservative podcast

The Podcasters Studio – Podcast on podcast

Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn podcast

This Is Your Life – intentional leadership

WordPress Plugins from A to Z –  Wordpress plugin

Family from the Heart – Family podcast

Pursuing A Balanced Life – a personal diary podcast

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