Welcome to the butt hurt Olympics

Came across an AP story today that shows that people are fretting and worrying about the dumbist stuf around. In the article, For many viewers, the (sexist) games have indeed begun, proves this. Over and over again You have a certain segment of people who are not willing to cheer the team on but they want to try to make the games political.

There are groups who are about nothing more than Special interests and these special interests need to go fly a freaking kite. Clint Eastwood recently called Generation y, other wise known as then Millennials, the Pussy Generation and I have to say they are right. The vast majority of these young adults are products of participation trophy recieving whiners.

You are not able to go to express your opinion unless it jives with them. if not they get loud and try to shout you down. If that doesn’t work then they often turn to violance like a two year old. They want to have it their way and yet they wonder wy they are not happy.

Not Happy?

No these kids are no where near happy. If they were happy, they would not need a midol for every little insult they precieved to come their way. So many time I want to grab them by the sholders and tell these little special snowflakes that it is not about them. They are not that freaking special.

Yet they throw a fit when a newpaper Tries to celebrate a trapshooters win because who would know this person other wise unless they mentioned that she is the wife of The Bears Defisive end. They were not being sexist.

Or try this on for size the hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszu smashed the record for the 400-meter individual medley. Her coach is also her husband, but when the play by play announcer points out the coach and says

There’s the guy responsible for turning Katinka Hosszú, his wife, into a whole different swimmer.

The Noise makers who search for any little reason to feign outrage goes nuts. All it shows me is that these little twerps have never played a sport they spent their whole time at home wearing dark makeup and smoking clove cigarettes and complaining how terrible their life is as a teenager.

So buttercup let me inform you on a little thing called coaching. That is the coaches job is to get the swimmer, in this cast, to do better. The coach often has to change the atheltes line of thinking. Many times the atherlete cant see the forest from the trees, so you understand what I just said, They are too close to the problem. The coach is able to help tgranslate what is happening and get the athlete to the next level of success. It was not sexist. The announsr knew that the athlete is did the job, but so did the coach and that person deserves as much credit as the athlete.

Now to the Associate Press. This is just as much your fault as it is the millennials. You keep perpetuatin their dilusion. Why not try telling some real news. you might be able to turn around your slipping sales.

There are true problems in the world that if these kids actually took the timie to look at they would see the hipocracy they are pertetuating. but due to the purile nature of their upbringing they can not see beyond their own tiny obcesses little world. If they were to try to actually do something other than Occupy a street with no banks. IF they were to try to make the world Better lead by example stop trying to force people into your line of thinking. You might have better success. If you serve a person they will trust you. Try it Take your fragile ego and throw it out the window and see how much joy you can put into the world instead of being a wet blanket.

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