Well a small blessing.

Well full nights sleep. That’s not good in this job. Yes it’s a welcome surprise but that meansr that there was a problem on location. Don’t know what but we are one this job just a few hours more.

I bet I am the only person around who is bummed that he didn’t get to go to jury duty today. I was suppose to but it slid to Sept 5. Ding dang darn it.

According to the Sand Coordinator the well went down around midnight. Now what does that mean? I don’t know other than I slept through the night.

Through this exile I have found out that I wake up about 30 minutes before the sand coordinator shows up to bring me down to location. They show up even faster if I open the laptop to start writing.

So how are you writing right now? I use the WordPress app for the iPhone. So while I stand by unloading the trailer I can express my thoughts. The catch though is I have to have cell signal to save and the “Extended 1x” ain’t cutting the mustard. Yet I am able to hammer out my thoughts and when I get on the correct side of land of the living I then upload the post.

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