What? It’s only Sunday?

Third shower in Two weeks! Yeah if I may accidentally start liking showers at this rate of refreshment. I have also become quite proficient at washing my clothes in a sink. Kind of nice they come out smelling all lemony. So I don't have to worry about the skeeters for a bit.

It would be obvious to many that if I said this job could end today and I wouldn't feel jipped in the least.

There is a perk to being stick in you truck for 2 weeks straight and that is I have got 3 writing project going on at the same time. There is this daily blog. Then there is my Social Media Blog that I have Monday's and the following Monday's posts written. Then I am applying for a paid blogging position. So yay to productivity.

Weather is still wet and slimy. I will have to ask the wife to put some more money in the account so I can get some rubber boots. Tired of wet feet and I am running out of socks.

As you can see ugh! Water everywhere.

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