When Grumpy Smurf Moves In – Ep 12

When Grumpy Smurf Moves In – Ep 12


There are times that, no matter how hard you try, the grumpies set up shop and you can not get rid of them. This episode is one of those times, I talk about my frustration of being a dad and dealing with a teenager who has no desire nor will to aspire to anything higher than just hanging out. 

There is the event of where my son just opens up his whole collection of “I don’t care” and pours it over us for being too strict though he is able to sleep till 10 but often stretches that to noon or later. Though I have lowered my standards and expectations. I talk about how my frustrations have built and it is time for me to vent them. I feel the toxin of resentment building and I need to get it out before something happens that will permanently damage our relationship. So, I vented to you good folks, my listeners. 

I realise that this is actually a form or resistance or one of those potholes,that I talked about before. I understand that the ideas I have for what my son is or isn’t going to do is not rational at times. Though I may see the potential my son has, I may see the possibility of him being a successful architect or anything else the frustration is that When he says his plan is to not have one, to work, buy a house right out of High school, and just hang out is not feasible nor a plan. I have portions of this podcast dedicated to the plan, Your goals, your mission.

So as you can see and hear on this episode vent all over the place and I thank you folks for listening and if you have any hint tips pointers thoughts that you would like to share please post in the comments below.

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